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Dr. Matthias Mlynek LL.M., MBL

A notarization is the confirmation of the authenticity of a signature, a company drawing or a hand sign. The signature must be handwritten. A hand sign is sufficient and permissible if the party is unable to write their name (due to illiteracy, lack of physical strength, excitement, weakness). The hand signal must be made by the party with their own hand, foot or mouth. If the party makes their hand signal, two witnesses (legalization witnesses) must be present.

Vidimized copies (certified copies)
With vidimization, the notary certifies that a copy corresponds to an original document. It should be noted that certified copies may only be made of original documents. The original must also be clearly legible. The cost of such a certified copy varies depending on the number of pages.

Let our notary's office advise you!

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